Adventure, drama, and soul abound - Cornell is the spirit of California wine embodied.

High above Sonoma Valley atop Spring Mountain, a stunning vineyard sits quietly among the clouds.  Cornell Vineyards is the pride of owner Henry Cornell, and is run by a talented and humble team led by Graham Wehmeier and Françoise Peschon.  The first grape vines were planted here many generations ago in the late 19th century.  During harder times than these, the vines were abandoned and the property was left to be consumed by the wild landscape.  Now, under the watchful eye of its careful stewards the unique site slowly returns to its grape-growing roots.

The organically-farmed, 20-acre Sonoma Summit Vineyard is a place of rugged and surreal beauty. Reached via a dusty road that winds through 200 acres of native woodlands, wild grasslands, flowering shrubs and wildlife habitat, it is one of Sonoma County’s highest Cabernet vineyards with elevations reaching 1900 feet.  Bordeaux varietals ripen slowly here, ultimately yielding complex wines with intense mountain flavors. 

Photographing the rebirth of this incredible site was a thrilling project which began during harvest 2015.