Napa Valley's Past, Present and Future.

Larkmead Vineyards in Calistoga exists proudly as one of the first and most important vineyards in the history of the Napa Valley;  it has been a family-run grape growing operation since 1895.  Larkmead's history is impressive - stories, artifacts, and photographs that bring life to the remarkable happenings of the past 120+ years abound.  Today, a new history on the property is being written by owners Cam Baker and Kate Solari Baker, winemaker Dan Petroski, and General Manager Dan O'Brien.  The hard work of this amazing team makes Larkmead a true standout in the Napa Valley. 

Photography for Larkmead was designed to capture the unique spirit that resides on property today - serious, beautiful, cheerful and creative - while also looking for cues from the past..  Shooting for the Larkmead project took place over a nine-month period in 2016. ||  Collaborators :  Offset &  750 Group