Diligence. Experience. Restoration. Dedication. Care.

Annie Favia and Andy Erickson have helped to shape the Napa Valley wine industry. Between them they share decades of experience growing grapes and making the finest wines from the finest places; over their careers they've been partners with an incomparable list of Napa Valley icons - in both human, and vineyard form.  

While they are connected (past and present) to so many amazing projects, Favia Wines is their home, their family, their own..  Founded in their Napa Valley garage in 2003, Favia seeks out exceptional vineyard sites and makes wines that let the terroir speak clearly.  Favia bottlings are compelling, personal and full of soul - just like the proprietors that produce them.   

Photographing Favia is an ongoing joy which began in Fall of 2015.   Photojournalistic in nature and largely presented in toned black and white, my work has followed Andy, Annie and their team through the seasons of vineyards and the exciting 2016 harvest. In addition, much time has been spent documenting the restoration of the historic 19th century Antonio Carbone Winery - a new home for their family and winemaking operations in Coombsville.  

These are photos of friends, photos of work, and photos of the small details that mark the difference between good and truly great. 

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