Viticole is discovery, travel, and the thrill of the hunt... 

My friend and Master Sommelier Brian McClintic founded the Viticole wine club in 2016 - it's quickly catching fire.  To find the most unique and personal wines for his customers, Brian travels the world tirelessly, meets with like-minded vignerons, and collaborates on special cuvées - wines that often can't be found anywhere else.  The destinations are exotic, the farming is organic, and the stories are important ones worth telling well. 

Brian and Viticole go far to make their customer experience curated and impactful - they offer wine only once a month and support each release with extensive writing and imagery showcasing the people, regions and adventures behind the bottles they represent.  In May of 2017 (with only a few weeks notice) Brian asked me to come along with him on one of his trips;  amazingly the schedule was clear enough to say yes without much hesitation.  In 10 days, we travelled from California to Madrid, Galicia, and the Canary Island of Tenerife to spend time with the four incredible winemakers that make up Envínate, one of the most exciting wine projects in Spain today, maybe ever.

The goal for this classic photojournalism assignment was simple - document the adventure.  Finished images are crisp, bright, and minimally edited in the spirit of classic travel photography.